Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Comments:A certificate from the Royal Philatelic Society calling the 1972 inverted 10 Fils a forgery. Doubt can be cast over this certificate as the inverted 5 Fils overprint is commonly accepted as printers waste. As such the fact that the 10 Fils overprint is different from the inverted error could be substantiated by the fact that it would be printers waste as well and as such does not necessarily need to match the released overprint. However, common perception must be that it is a forgery and this should remain the perception until evidence contrary to this theory emerges. If anyone has information about the origin of the forgery please inform the webmaster.

S T A M P 
Web Cat: 86a
Issue Date: 01-Aug-1972
The U.A.E. Provisional Issue Inverted Stamps - 1972
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