Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Location:Abu Dhabi
Direction of Mail:Outgoing Mail
Cover Type:Post Card
Comments:It is interesting firstly as it has a black and white view of Dubai from the air; one can easily appreciate the changes which have taken place. However, the card is not from Dubai, rather from Abu Dhabi. (Did Abu Dhabi have such tourist orientated items as a picture postcard in 1968?) The Abu Dhabi stamp is cancelled with the illustrated ‘castle’ circular date stamp but what is most interesting is the comment. It reads— Oct. 10 1968 Dear Mr Judd, This is a very strange country. Everybody takes their time and to try and get anything planned is a headache for Ray and the chaps who lay the cables. Sheikh Zaid who is the richest man in the world owns everything here and his consent has to be got for the least little thing. This is an aerial view of Dubai a small town 100 miles away. Kindest Regards from Alice. It’s a fascinating glimpse of how Abu Dhabi ran in the late 1960s and again shows why postcards are valuable additions to postal history, namely the messages in letters are generally lost but with postcards we get glimpses of a world which has gone.
Cancellation Date:10-Oct-1968
Recipient Country:Sussex - UK

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Classification: AD Type 10 Earliest Usage: 01-Apr-1968  
Donaldson: Type 7 Latest Usage: 25-Nov-1968  
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Issue Date: 01-Apr-1968
The International Year for Human Rights – 1968
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