Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Location:Abu Dhabi
Direction of Mail:Outgoing Mail
Cover Type:Airmail
Comments:This is an airmail envelope from the Philatelic Bureau of Abu Dhabi. The special features of the envelope include the airmail etiquette printed in a violet cover. It is cancelled with the “PAID” date-stamp. The envelope was manufactured by: LETTERHEAD BOND – A John Dickinson Product. With the beginning of the independent postal administration tremendous pace of development in the postal service sector was seen. The most interesting development in the context of philately in the country was the opening of the Philatelic Bureau at the Abu Dhabi General Post Office – known in Arabic as “Maktabul Hawa”. The address of the Philatelic Bureau is seen on this envelope.
Cancellation Date:16-Mar-1967
Recipient Country:USA
Recipient Name:John H. Connelly

C A N C E L L A T I O N 
Classification: AD Type 5 Earliest Usage: 16-Mar-1967  
Donaldson: Type 6 Latest Usage: 23-Dec-1972  
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