Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Location:Abu Dhabi
Direction of Mail:Outgoing Mail
Cover Type:Airmail
Comments:As Abu Dhabi developed the areas of development spread as well. This cover represents mail from the remote area of Al-Hamra towards the Saudi Arabian border. Al-Hamra, which was a tiny township, did not have any post-office so the mail was collected and sent to Abu Dhabi from where it was posted. The origin of the cover can only be determined because the sender was kind enough to identify himself. The cover is franked with the standard 60 Fils rate for mail to Cyprus and was destined for the occupied territories of Palestine.
Cancellation Date:25-Oct-1971
Recipient Country:Cyprus
Recipient Name:Cyprus Postmaster
Sender Name:Mahmoud Muhammed Jabir
Arrival Date:01-Nov-1971

C A N C E L L A T I O N 
Classification: Type 19 Earliest Usage: 08-Sep-1970  
Nazimuddin: AUH10 Latest Usage: 11-Jan-1974  
Donaldson (As per TE Jones): Type 22
Related Items: 30
S T A M P 
Web Cat: 62
Issue Date: 01-Apr-1970
The Fourth Definitive Issue April 1970
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