Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Location:Abu Dhabi
Direction of Mail:Outgoing Mail
Cover Type:Airmail
Comments:A very nice registered cover to the USA franker with 155 Fils in stamps. The standard airmail rate to the USA was 150 Fils at the time and adding the registration fee of 65 Fils the required postage was 215 Fils. The remaining 60 Fils has been added via a meter postage applied in red and upside down. The meter postage has an advertising slogan: “Saving deposits” “EARN MONEY” “with” “The EASTERN BANK Ltd”. This cover is possibly the earliest known use of meter stamps in Abu Dhabi.
Cancellation Date:21-Sep-1970
Recipient Country:USA
Recipient Name:American Society of Civil Engineers
Sender Name:The Eastern Bank (HSBC)
Arrival Date:25-Sep-1970

C A N C E L L A T I O N 
Classification: AD Type 17 (A) Earliest Usage: 20-Dec-1969  
Donaldson (As per TE Jones): Type 21 Latest Usage: 30-Aug-1975  
Related Items: 7
R E G I S T R A T I O N   L A B E L 
Classification: Type RL-6 Earliest Usage: 25-Oct-1967  
Latest Usage: 21-Sep-1970  
Related Items: 3
S T A M P 
Web Cat: 52
Issue Date: 06-Aug-1969
The 3rd Anniversary of the Accession of Sheikh Zayed - 1969
S T A M P 
Web Cat: 62
Issue Date: 01-Apr-1970
The Fourth Definitive Issue – April 1970
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