Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Cover Type:Airmail
Comments:A modified version of aerogramme ADAG-1 was soon introduced. The format was the same as ADAG-1 but there were two changes: 1) the sender’s block has four equivalent lines and an amended instruction line and 2) the instructions appear on both flaps. The date of issue is not known but it is believe that ADAG-2 was introduced soon after the first aerogramme in 1964, though some philatelist argue that it was not issued until 1965. For listing purposes this website shall consider the issue date as the 30th September 1964 until postally used aerogrammes are submitted to the Webmaster. As far as the Webmaster is concerned commercial use (or for that fact any use) of ADAG-2 still has to be recorded. Characteristics: 1. The block for the Sender’s name and address now has four dotted lines of equivalent length. 2. The amended instruction line now reads: “To open slit along here” and the instruction appears on both flaps. 3. ADAG-2 is also found with the “Dot Variety” and will be known as ADAG-2a. Only a small number of ADAG-2/ADAG-2a are known to have been released.
Cancellation Date:30-Sep-1964

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