Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

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Comments:As a result of the abdication of Sheikh Shakhbut the postage stamps were obliterated with horizontal bars. In a similar process the portrait on aerogrammes ADAG-2 and ADAG-2A was obliterated along with being surcharged with the new currency The Bahrain Dinar. The four horizontal bars have a length of 8 mm and the surcharge was 30 Fils instead of 30 Naye Paise. The exact date of release is not known but First Day Issue (FDI) aerogrammes are found cancelled on the 27th November 1966 from Das Island. The earliest known use from Abu Dhabi, where no FDI is found, is the 25th November 1966, but the cancellation is probably not genuine. As such the 27th of November shall be accepted as the FDI until otherwise suggested.
Cancellation Date:27-Nov-1966

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