Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History

Cover Type:Airmail
Comments:The first aerogramme following the postal independence of Abu Dhabi was printed in a new design featuring a Jet Airplane. The Post Office circular defines the aerogramme as a definitive issue and was issued on the 21st May 1967. It was issued with a value of 40 Fils on blue watermarked paper and the imprint was in dark-blue printing. The block for the Sender’s name and address has three dotted lines of different lengths. The instruction line reads: “To open cut here” and this inscription only appears on the top flap. The size of the aerogramme, excluding the flaps, is 18.5 x 24 cm. The watermark is “Imperial” on top – following by a “Castle Gate” and finally “Air Mail”. A number of letters are incorporated into the watermark: Z, A, B and C and where the Z is always place above the words “Air Mail” the other 3 letters are placed below. The different aerogrammes are referred to by the letter in their watermark. A considerable number of varieties exist of this aerogramme: 1. Letter “Z” watermark positioned to the left. 2. Letter “Z” watermark positioned to the right. 3. Letter “Z” (Right) on light colour paper with dark print. 4. Letter “Z” (Right) but looks like a “2”. 5. Letter “Z” (Left) with a stop – i.e. “Z.” 6. Letter “Z” Double Watermark. 7. Letter “A” watermark positioned to the left 8. Letter “A” watermark positioned to the right 9. Letter “B” watermark positioned to the left 10. Letter “B” watermark positioned to the right 11. Letter “B” (Left) – shaded print (tail of aeroplane) 12. Letter “B” (Right) – Blue spot at the left edge – printing flaw/shift print 13. Letter “C” (Left) – constant “broken line” variety. 14. Letter “C” (Left) – “C” looks like a “Q” 15. Letter “C” (Left) – “C” looks like an “E” 16. Letter “C” (Left) – “C” looks like an “O” 17. Watermarked aerogramme but no letters 18. Aerogramme without watermark.
Cancellation Date:21-May-1967

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