Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Website Cat.AD Type 4 (Abu Dhabi)
Location:Abu Dhabi
Description:The Abu Dhabi Parcel Post Canceller
Story Behind the Cancellation:Two parcel post cancellers were introduced presumably in conjunction with the opening of the Post Offices on the 30th March 1963 One for Abu Dhabi and one for Das Island. They were large rectangular boxes - similar to those of Bahrain - clearly stating their purpose of introduction. Each of them refer to Abu Dhabi as part of the Trucial States.

Though the Das Island Parcel Canceller remains illusive the assumption that it existed from the beginning is based on the earliest known Abu Dhabi strike and the fact that the two standard single ring cancellers (Abu Dhabi 1 and 2 - Das Island 1 and 2) were introduced simultaneously which in turn support the assumption that the same was the case with the two parcel handstamps.
Incoming/Outgoing:Outgoing Cancellation
Earliest Usage:02-May-1963
Latest Usage:18-Nov-1972
Donaldson:Type 4

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