Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Website Cat.AD Forgery Type 1
Location:Abu Dhabi
Description:The Forged Abu Dhabi Cancellers
Comments:Large 1st October 1966 First Day Issue Cancellation Mark Forgery.

The first provisional stamps of Abu Dhabi were issued on the 1st of October 1966 and there was no official FDC issued by the Post Office in Abu Dhabi or Das Island. The only examples, of which there are very few genuine, were the ones which were arranged to be cancelled by the usual contemporary date-stamps and at the Abu Dhabi office only.

The above cancellation has been seen struck in purple on a number of so-called First Day Covers and appears to be found in two different versions. The origin of these two bogus cancellations has yet to come to light but they may possibly have originated in Bahrain.
Story Behind the Cancellation:A number of forged cancellers are known used on covers with Abu Dhabi stamps. The majority are related to the cancellation of First Day Covers.

Incoming/Outgoing:Outgoing Cancellation
Earliest Usage:01-Oct-1966
Latest Usage:30-Mar-1967

C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 30-Mar-1967
Cover Type: Airmail
Destination: USA
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