Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetThere is a constant flaw in the overprint of pane 1C which may or may not appear in the other panes. It is found in the bottom row of the sheet in position 2.

It shows the Arabic "WA" missing the full circle which turns it in to a "RA" instead.
Type of StampDefinitive
Web Cat.81c
Stanley Cat.Unlisted
Scotts Cat.Unlisted
Michel Cat.Unlisted
CountryAbu Dhabi
Issue Date08-Dec-1971
Denomination5 Fils on 50 Fils
DescriptionThe 5 Fils Surcharge on 50 Fils Provisional Issue FIRS Variety - 1971
PrinterPrinted in lithography by De La Rue & Co. and the overprint was done by Nitco Printing Press in Abu Dhabi.
C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 19-Dec-1971
Cover Type: Airmail
Destination: UK
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