Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetWith a looming crisis due to a shortage of the 5 Fils stamp Nitco Printing Press of Abu Dhabi was asked to execute the overprinting. Having decided on a green overprint the first trial was made. However, it soon turned out that the trial print had produced a faded green colour, which not only did not cover the original denomination but the green could also be rubbed of. The Post Master could of course not accept this overprint so the printer was given instructions to produce an overprint of the appropriate quality. The initial overprints were scrapped and there is no evidence suggesting that they were ever sold at the counter. A few examples of the first trial print escaped the destruction and were given out to collectors and are known as the “Trial Print” pieces.
Type of StampDefinitive
Web Cat.81x
Stanley Cat.Not listed
Scotts Cat.Not listed
Michel Cat.Not Listed
CountryAbu Dhabi
Issue Date08-Dec-1971
Denomination5 Fils on 50 Fils
Sheet SizeSheet of 50 (5 by 10 vertically – 2 panes of 25)
DescriptionThe 5 Fils Surcharge on 50 Fils Provisional Issue – 1971 - Trial
PrinterPrinted in lithography by De La Rue & Co. and the overprint was done by Nitco Printing Press in Abu Dhabi.
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