Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetThough seen used on mail from Abu Dhabi this stamp was never officially sold at the Abu Dhabi Post Office - As such its use in Abu Dhabi must be linked to travellers carrying the stamp with them and using it on letters posted during their stay in Abu Dhabi.
Type of StampDefinitive
Web Cat.Oman - 81
Stanley Cat.BPAEA - 80
Scotts Cat.Oman - 80
Michel Cat.Oman - 81
CountryAbu Dhabi
Issue Date21-Jun-1960
Denomination3 Naye Paise on Pence
ColourOrange Red
WatermarkMultiple Crown (Type 5)
Perforation15 x 14
Sheet Size240
DescriptionB.P.A of E.A. used in Abu Dhabi - 1960 QEII New Currency Issue
C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 10-Jan-1961
Cover Type: Airmail
Destination: Bahrain
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