Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetA commemorative set of 3 stamps issued to commemorative the Arabic tradition of falconry (“Hubara” in Arabic for hunting). The bird depicted on the stamps is a Lanner Falcon. Although not specifically mentioned the set was intended to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the postal service in Abu Dhabi. The values issued were 20 NP, 40 NP and 2 Rupees.
Type of StampCommemorative
Web Cat.13
Stanley Cat.13
Scotts Cat.13
Michel Cat.13
CountryAbu Dhabi
Issue Date30-Mar-1965
Denomination40 Naye Paise
ColourLight Brown & Blue
Perforation14 ˝
Sheet Size50
DesignV. Whitely
DescriptionFalconry in Abu Dhabi – 1965
PrinterPhotogravure by Harrison
C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 30-Mar-1965
Cover Type: First Day Cover
Destination: UK
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