Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetA set of 3 stamps was issued in order to commemorate Abu Dhabi’s participation at the 1970 World Fair, EXPO’70, held in Osaka, Japan. The 3 values issued were: 25 Fils, 35 Fils and 60 Fils.

The initial issue was meant to consist of 4 stamps but was eventually reduced to 3 stamps.
Type of StampCommemorative
Web Cat.66
Stanley Cat.69
Scotts Cat.69
Michel Cat.66
CountryAbu Dhabi
Issue Date10-Jul-1970
Denomination35 Fils
ColourMulti-Coloured (8 Colours)
Dimensions57 x 35 mm
Sheet SizePanes of 20
DesignDesigned by Japanese artist – T. Hayashi. Mr. Hayashi is a famous modern painter, who has been awarded with the Order of Cultural Merits and was a member of the Committee for EXPO’70 Government Exhibits.
Description“EXPO’70” World Fair in Osaka Japan - 1970
PrinterPrinted in Lithography by Kyodo Printing Company Ltd
C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 10-Jul-1970
Cover Type: First Flight Cover
Destination: Unaddressed
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C O V E R 
Cancellation Date: 03-Aug-1971
Cover Type: Airmail
Destination: UK
Related Items: 3
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